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1 Mile Leg of the 2024 Oceans 8 Charity

1 Mile Leg of the 2024 Oceans 8 Charity

Exciting Opportunity: Dive into the Thrills of the 2024 Oceans 8 Charity Swim!

Gear up for an exhilarating challenge and a chance to make a difference at the 2024 Oceans 8 Charity Swim’s 1 Mile leg! Picture yourself conquering the open waters while supporting vital causes. Secure your spot now for this limited event along Durban’s vibrant coastline, happening on June 15 and 16 at the Durban Undersea Club. Hurry, as only 50 slots are available per event!

Hilary Bruss, the lively spokesperson for Oceans 8 Charity Swim, shares the excitement: “Our 1 Mile swim promises an unforgettable experience. Open-water swimming is booming worldwide, and this event is your ticket to dive into the thrill! It’s not just a swim; it’s a journey of discovery and impact. Join us for South Africa’s premier open water adventure, and let’s make waves together!”

Registering is a breeze: opt for the age category event for a shot at the coveted age-group medal, priced at R150 per swimmer, inclusive of a stylish cap and a bespoke hand-beaded keyring medal.

Additionally, each 1 Mile swimmer commits to fundraising R850, benefiting ten outstanding KwaZulu-Natal charities:

  1. Adopt-a-River (www.adoptariversa.org)
  2. Caversham Education Institute (www.cavershaminstitute.co.za)
  3. CROW – The Centre for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (www.crowkzn.co.za)
  4. Game Rangers’ Association of Africa (www.gameranger.org)
  5. International Sailors’ Society of Southern Africa (www.saiss.co.za)
  6. Kerr House (www.kerrhouse.co.za)
  7. Liberty NPO (www.libertynpo.co.za)
  8. One Planet S.A. (www.oneplanet.org.za)
  9. Wildlife ACT (www.wildlifeact.com)
  10. Umduduzi – Hospice Care for Children (www.umduduzi.co.za)

This iconic ocean swim, championed by Duzi Umngeni Conservation Trust (DUCT), the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), Project Rhino, and Singakwenza Early Childhood Education, aims to create lasting support for these essential causes. Last year’s event saw 170 swimmers raising R926 359.79 for 14 charities. This year, we’re set to double that impact!

But wait, there’s more! For the daring souls, our 4 Miler and 8 Miler challenges await, with limited slots for an exclusive experience. The 4 Miler beckons with a R600 entry fee and R3 000 raised for charity per person, while the 8 Miler, reserved for seasoned sea swimmers, requires a R1 000 entry fee and a minimum R5 000 charity contribution.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable aquatic adventure! Dive into action now at www.oceans8swim.co.za. For sponsorship inquiries, reach out to info@oceans8swim.co.za or call 033 343 1650 / 082 445 6764. Follow us on Instagram @oceans8_charityswim and Facebook at oceans8swim for all the latest updates and excitement!


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