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Abseiling the Elands River Gorge is rated one of Mpumalanga’s top adrenaline activities by SA Tourism, and  is an accessible adrenaline sport for the inexperienced ‘rock-face’ adventurer.

The abseil takes you up past the magnificent 70m Elands River Falls, and is marketed as being for the ‘experienced’ or ‘brave’. The abseil requires a short climb from the bottom, so its necessary to be fairly fit, but the bonus is a swim at the base of the falls…

Professional guides can be sourced in Emgwenya (Waterval Boven) and in Waterval Onder, or alternatively book an abseil or abseiling course.

The Elands River Gorge is also a very popular rock climbing spot – why not combine the two? Climb up from Waterval Onder and abseil back down.

Getting there: From Johannesburg, take the N12 east till it merges on to the N4 and continue to Waterval Boven on this road – approx. 3 hrs travelling time in total. Waterval Onder is through the tunnels and down the short pass from Waterval Boven (also called Emgwenya).

More on the town of Waterval Boven More on the Highlands Meander area


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