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Achieve amazing photos using your iPhone5

Tips and Hints

Whether you are an amateur or novice, you’ll enjoy the following tips on how to get the best results out of your iPhone 5 camera.

Take your photos instantly from your home screen, even when your phone is locked.

There is no more reason to miss a snap-worthy pose, trying desperately to find the camera app. If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a tiny camera icon located on the home screen of your iPhone 5. You simply tap the home button and the icon appears, which allows you to access your camera without having to unlock your phone.

Tips and Hints

Now you can capture DLSR quality shots.

The Olloclip lens for the iPhone 5 allows you take professional quality photos without the bulkiness and expense of a DLSR camera. The tiny 3-in-1 lens slides easily on to your iPhone 5 and will amaze you with the stunning clarity and detail that the lens brings to your phone and Instagram photos.

Take photos while you are recording.

You can video record all your special moments and simultaneously snap images. You just tap the camera icon on the top right hand-side of your screen and take as many photos as you like without interfering with the recorder.

Tips and Hints

For a creative twist you can take a vertical panorama. 

If you are addicted to the panorama mode on your camera, which allows you to take sweeping landscape shots, you’ll enjoy composing your images with a vertical panorama. All you do is open the camera app, hold your phone in landscape mode and as you use the panorama function move your camera upwards.

Take your photos easily by using your headphones.

There is no reason to miss out on the perfect shot, just because you pressed the delicate camera button to hard, which results in blurry images. The iPhone5 has a smarter solution, use the volume button on your phone or the volume up button on your Apple headphones to take your photos.

Tips and Hints

Share your creativity with PhotoStream. 

If your friends or family members also own an iPhone you can simply set up a shared photo album for them and PhotoStream. Add the photos you want to share and then select who can view, like or comment on your images. To activate the PhotoStream, go to Settings>Photos and Camera. Then turn both “Shared Photo Streams” and “My Photo Stream, “On.”

Tips and HintsBurst mode captures multiple shots of an action.

For as long as you hold down the snap button on your iPhone, you can capture 10 photos per second and then have the best photos of the bunch suggested by real-time analysis. You can also set the camera to slow, fast or interval burst shooting.

Tap to change the light balance.

If the image is too light, tap on the darker area of the photo and if too dark, on the lighter area and the balance will adjust. You can keep tapping till you are happy with the image. Tapping on the different areas of the image also adjusts the focal point.


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