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Addo Raptor and Reptile Centre, Addo, Eastern Cape

The Addo Raptor and Reptile Park is a safe haven for injured or homeless raptors and reptiles and the tour with the dedicated nature conservationists offers you a close up and personal interaction with their creatures. The care at the Animal Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre has nursed them all back to full health.

Addo Raptor and Reptile Centre, Addo, Eastern CapeThe centre provides care for more than 12 species of Raptors or Birds Of Prey, including Kestrels, Owls, Hawks, Eagles, Kites, Buzzards and Crows – you could even have one of them perch on your hand!

In addition there are over 30 separate species of Snakes, Lizards, Gecko’s, Frogs and Crocodiles. The guided tour focuses on giving you an in-depth understanding as well as a chance to handle the Python’s, Anacondas and Constrictors or even hold “Sludge”, the resident Snouted Cobra (Egyptian Cobra), or “Sydney”, the very mellow Boomslang or maybe even “Shorty”, the not so friendly “Puff Adder”. As you conquer your fears and learn about these scaly friends, you could watch your guide handle all of the Venomous Snakes.

Addo Raptor and Reptile Centre, Addo, Eastern CapeThe Addo Raptor Reptile Centre, only 45 minutes from Port Elizabeth, is in the heart of the Sundays River Valley, in the town of Addo. It is on the doorstep of the Addo Elephant Park, and close to Shamwari and Schotia Game Reserves.

The Centre adjoins the Lenmore Complex, which includes a full restaurant where visitors can enjoy an extensive lunch and dinner menu which caters for all tastes and requirements.

Contact: Main Road, Addo – Tel: +27 (0) 82 332 3499 Website

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