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South Africa

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African Jackass Penguins at Boulders Beach

Swim with African Jackass Penguins

Beautiful Boulders Beach is located next to Simon’s Town and forms part of a conservation area that is home to highly endangered African Jackass Penguins.
Endangered African Jacakass Penguins call Boulders home

One can wander along the wooden boardwalks and find the penguins living in their natural habitat completely unperturbed by the visitors. The beach itself is made up of a number of small sandy coves backdropped by large boulders. Just bear in mind that when you think you have found your own private little beach, you may just be surprised you have to share it with the odd penguin.

This beach is really great for children as it is protected from currents, wind and big waves by the large boulders. Just make sure your children don’t try to touch the penguins because although they look so cute and harmless, they have very sharp beaks and if they feel threatened and will not hesitate to use them!

Swim with the penguins at Boulders Beach – in absolutely crystal clear, protected waters!
Directions to Boulders Beach from Cape Town:

The best way is to travel first to Muizenberg and then carry on along the coastal road direction Simon’s Town.

Go through Simon’s Town  and this road changes names a few times but you will start to see signs to Boulders Beach and the Golf Course.

Boulders beach is off this main road on the left and side (sea side) just before the golf course.


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