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South Africa

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Afrikaanse Taalmonument

Did you know that the roots of Afrikaans can be traced back to three continents, namely Asia, Europe and Africa?


The Afrikaans Language Monument is located on a hill overlooking Paarl, South Africa. It was officially opened on  10 October 1975 when it commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Afrikaans being declared an official language of South Africa.

At the same time it was the 100th anniversary of the founding of Genootskap van Regte Afrikaners (the Society of Real Afrikaaners) in Paarl.

The architect Jan van Wijk designed the Taalmonument in such a way that it would give recognition to these widespread roots of Afrikaans.

TaalmonumentThe monument consists of various tapering structures of a convex and concave nature, symbolising influences of different languages and cultures on Afrikaans itself, as well as political developments in South Africa. The structures are:

Clear West – the European heritage of the language

Magical Africa – the African influences on the language

Bridge – between Europe and Africa

Afrikaans – the language itself

Republic – which was declared in 1961

Malay – language  and culture

It is not only an impressive Monument but there is also a lot happening at the venue with shows and walks and picnics.

  • There is an  amphitheatre which seats 4 000 guests! It is the ideal venue for any big event.
  • There is a smaller amphitheatre inside the monument which can seat 400 guests.
  • Educational Tours and lectures are presented on a regular basis.
  • Explore the gardens surrounding the monument where you may see indigenous fynbos and     interesting birds rarely found anywhere else.
  • In the garden behind the monument there is a memorial plaque in honour of the architect Jan van Wijk, whose ashes have been interred here.
  • Our coffee shop caters for picnics, Sunday lunches and sundowners,as well as for special events, family gatherings and year-end functions.
  • Stunning views make the monument a popular picnic spot! Bring your own basket or order one. Don’t miss our full-moon picnics, stargazing evenings and picnic concerts!
  • Weddings with a view The monument’s gardens are popular for weddings and film shoots.
  • The Taalmonument walking trail is open to the public. It will take you approximately half an hour to complete the trail of 1.2km. The route is easily accessible (it starts and ends right in front of Volksmond Coffee Shop).

No dogs or fires allowed

Taalmonument Amphitheatre

Besoek asseblief www.taalmuseum.co.za vir inligting in Afrikaans.

Thanks to Wikipedia & Boland Museums


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