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South Africa

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Blockhouses of the Witzenberg Valley, Western Cape

Witzenberg Blockhouses

If you enjoy finding out about South African History and would like to see the surviving English blockhouses in the Witzenberg Valley, then Natasha Dicey is just the guide you need.

Of the more than 1,000 blockhouses built during the Anglo Boer War, few have survived, and two are located on the river south of the small town of Wolseley, right on Natasha’s family farm. They were built in 1901, by the British, to protect the railway bridges from Boer attacks.

These blockhouses could house 20 men with water, ammunition and supplies stored on the lower floor. The “living” area was the middle floor and was accessible by a retractable ladder and the top floor was the “look-out” deck. They were very effective barriers but few saw any action.

Natasha will give you an historic tour that takes in the background of the Anglo Boer War and its effects on the communities of the area. The tours are by arrangement only, so please phone Natasha prior to your visit. Her phone number is 082 780 7516 or E-mail.

Directions: Take Voortrekker Road (R46) out of Wolseley and drive to the junction with the R43. Turn left towards Ceres on the R43. It is not far along the road on the right. GPS: 33°26’55.73″S 19°12’24.36″E

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