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South Africa

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Bophirima, North West

Also called Dr. Ruth S. Mompati District, the Bophimira region of the North West Province is very rural – all farmland, maize, wheat and sunflower fields, cattle ranches and agricultural towns, small ‘one-horse’ villages, townships and private game farms.

Two notable attractions in the region are the Molopo Game Reserve and the Taung Heritage Site where the famous Taung Child was discovered in 1926.

The biggest town in the Bophirima Region is Vryburg, which is the centre of the local Beef and Cattle breeding industry. Vryburg is a fairly large town on the Bophirima scale – a commercial centre that thrives on the cattle industry and on its location on the N14 route to the Kalahari from Gauteng. Vryburg is a good place to stop to supplies or a stay at a private game lodge – many of which have waterholes where you can view game and enjoy some birding while you have breakfast, and some that also offer game drives – small, but often luxury safari experiences.

The large Molopo Game Reserve is located north of Vryburg via the rural township and village of Ganyesa, and the Taung Heritage Site to the south of Vryburg.


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