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The Broodboom Cycad Hiking Trail near Middelburg in the Highveld region of Mpumalanga is named for a species of cycad only found here – the ‘Middelburg Cycad’ or ‘Broodboom’ (Bread Tree).

The 2 day trail is situated on private land in the Olifants River Gorge, and starts at a farmhouse with basic 4 bed chalets. Day 1 is a 12km hike with a fair amount of rock climbing and scrambling over boulders on the descent down to the Olifants River, with two routes on offer – one for the fit, and an easier route for the not-so-fit. This section of the hike incorporates some beautiful rock pools and you will also see many cycads along the way. You can also swim at the mid-way point on day 1 at the bottom of the Gorge in the Olifants River, before the ascent up to the Arendsnes Hut on the ridge – with a spectacular view over the Olifants River Gorge.

Day 2 back to the starting point is only 6km, fairly easy going and known for the beautiful rock formations that surround the trail, views and indigenous forest.

Please note that there is no cell phone reception in the Olifants River Gorge, nor at the overnight hut. Temperatures can get very hot in the day, and very cold at night. This is a summer rainfall area.

For more Trail Info and to book call Narissa Smit on 013 282 6101 or 013 242 8146, e-mail.

Getting there: The trail is situated just outside of Middelburg. Take the N11 north out of Middelburg toward the Loskop Dam Reserve. Look for a sign for the Broodboom Trail on your left after about 14km. Turn left at the sign on to a dirt road and travel a further 10km (the road bends to the right), to a second signposted left turn, and a further 2.5km along another dirt road.

More info on the town of Middelburg More info on the Highveld and Cosmos area


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