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South Africa

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Carlisleshoek Pass & Volunteershoek Pass

Carlisleshoek Pass Eastern Cape HighlandsThe scenic but steep Carlisleshoek Pass takes you from Rhodes to Tiffindell Ski Resort (Still closed). Approaching Tiffindell Ski Resort you will pass the highest point in the Cape (3001m above sea level known as Ben McDhui). Two-thirds of the way up Carliseleshoek, there’s a picturesque stopping point at a stream where you can view a waterfall and the beautiful mountain scenery. After crossing the mountain ridge, the Carlisleshoek Pass winds its way down a narrow road with some very steep sides. Remember, the vehicles coming up the pass have right of way! After the steepest section, the road gives wonderful views of Halstone Krans and the valley farmlands beyond. There are some interesting rock formations along this section, the most notable of which is ‘Funnystone’ which lends its name to the farm opposite.

Volunteershoek Pass, Eastern Cape HighlandsThe Volunteershoek Pass takes you from Tiffindell to Wartrail. On the pass, you will drive over the Loch Ness Dam wall. If you are a fly fisherman, be sure to have your rod, as this dam is the highest still water fly fishing venue in South Africa. It is also home to many water bird species.

These two narrow routes are normally driven as one loop. Allow about 1½ hours to drive the 23-kilometre Carlislehoek route and about the same for Volunteershoek Pass’s 28 kilometres, plus time for picnicking and fishing (get a permit in Rhodes).

Carliseshoek and Volunteershoek Pass Map

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