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Cinemas are Evolving for “Top Class Entertainment”

Imagine having gathered with friends every week to watch Game of Thrones at the cinema, or thinking about what it could be like to watch sports on the big screen with surround sound, or having a hangout with friends on a weekly basis at the Cinemas checking out your best shows.

Reinventing the movie theatre in such ways could be just the thing to bring it back into fashion – and experts believe this will happen.

Even without the transformation, JSE-listed REIT Redefine Properties says an interesting trend noted over the past holiday season in South Africa, was that cinemas showed positive growth, driven mainly by specific popular content releases from Hollywood.

Cinemas look set to become event hotspots in the next decade, Cinemas are evolving: get ready to watch sports, Game of Thrones on the big screen

Already, retail centers have had to add value to their offerings and focus on giving people experience-based visits, and Nashil Chotoki, Redefine’s national retail asset manager, says such pushes from Hollywood “may start to change the trend back towards cinemas, driven by the focus on value-focused entertainment”.

And he is not alone. Entertainment experts predict that cinemas will still be viable in ten years’ time, although the experience we can expect from going to the movies will be way better than merely sitting in reclining seats and watching a movie on the big screen with surround sound. It will also give us much more than just 4D film experiences; it will give us the connection and interaction that many craved during the Covid lockdowns.

In a 2022 Entertainment Weekly article exploring what Hollywood could look like in 2032, experts explained that although streaming was the way of the future, it would not kill the theatre. Rather, going to the movies would become more of an event. The article quoted Sterlin Harjo, film and TV director and Reservation Dogs co-creator as saying he imagined theatres would embrace long-form even more.

“If I could watch Game of Thrones every week at a theatre with my friends, that’d be exciting.”

In the next decade, theatres will evolve and host social events, stated Netflix global film head Scott Stuber.

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