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Crag's View Wild Care Centre, Port Edward, Hibiscus Coast, KwaZulu-Natal

Crag’s View Wild Care Centre is situated on Crag’s View Farm in Port Edward at the southern end of Hibiscus Coast, part of the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. It is the only animal sanctuary on the South Coast and they do an amazing job rescuing and rehabilitating small animals that have suffered at the hands of human beings.

Small animals such as blue duiker, owls, otters and many other small animals and birds have been healed and returned to the wild in safe areas by the dedicated founders of the sanctuary, Craig Hoskens and Ina de Koker. Wildlife in the area is under extreme pressure due to development and the local population setting snares to capture animals for their own survival.

Visitors are invited to attend an educational tour of the sanctuary by appointment only. The centre also has an adoption programme – for as little as R10 per month you can adopt an animal of your choice to help pay for nursing and rehabilitation.

Tel: emergencies +27 (0)81 429 1543 or +27 (0)73 749 1050 for enquiries.    Email

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