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South Africa

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Discover Elgin, a hidden Gem Close to Cape Town

How to pronounce Elgin – and other thingDiscover Elgin, a hidden Gem.

Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town’s bustling city center. This picturesque destination is renowned for its lush fruit farms, breathtaking natural landscapes, thrilling outdoor activities, and welcoming community brimming with hospitality and culture. Despite its close proximity to the city, Elgin’s winding country roads exude an unspoiled charm, making it the Cape’s best-kept secret.
Unraveling the Origins of Elgin: A History Enriched with Intrigue

Legend has it that Elgin’s history stretches back to the 1800s when a local child named Elgine Herold tragically lost her life to a snake bite near the Palmiet River. In remembrance of her, the little hamlet was later named Elgin. While the pronunciation of Elgin remains a subject of debate, historical context suggests that it likely used the same “g” sound as in the word “engine.” Whatever the pronunciation, we wholeheartedly encourage you to experience the wonders of this remarkable destination.

Hidden Gems and Delights Await
Erin Steam-Train near Capetown
Ride a Steam Train, with Entertainment and lots more…

Among the treasures Elgin offers is the delightful Elgin Steam Train experience, a 160 km round trip journey starting from Cape Town’s Foreshore District.

This scenic expedition takes approximately 3.5 hours and treats passengers to South Africa’s steepest train track, breathtaking mountains, fynbos, apple, and pear orchards. The final stop, Elgin Railway Market, promises a memorable experience with live music, delectable food, accessories, toys, and entertainment for kids. Adults can savor beer and wine tastings and indulge in a variety of local dishes. The market’s unique setting in an old apple warehouse, built by Italian prisoners of war, exudes an art-deco-steampunk vibe, adding to the charm of the visit.

For a cozy stay amidst tranquility, Elgin boasts charming accommodations. Cherry Glamping’s Koraal Huisie, a tiny container-sized house atop a hill, offers an isolated retreat with encounters with wildlife like zebra and springbok. For couples seeking romance, the Pumphouse Honeymoon Cottage at South Hill Vineyards provides a dreamy setting among vineyards, with a wood-fired hot tub and hammock, making it an ideal self-catering option.

A Haven for Adventure Seekers

Elgin captivates outdoor enthusiasts with an array of thrilling activities. Nature lovers can delight in birdwatching opportunities, while guided outrides cater to both beginner and expert equestrians. Mountain biking enthusiasts can explore scenic nature reserves, farmlands, and untouched spaces amidst stunning vistas. Biking and hiking trails cater to families, groups, and couples, leading them through forests, alongside rivers, and among the orchards. Additionally, visitors can partake in 4×4 tours, kayaking, quad-biking, and guided hikes, ensuring there’s something for every outdoor lover in Elgin, regardless of the season.

Embrace the Enchanting World of Wine

With over 7,000 hectares of fertile farming land, Elgin is an ideal region for wine production. Surrounded by mountains with only four access points, Elgin’s cool climate makes it perfect for grape farming and wine-making. Several renowned wineries, such as South Hill Vineyards, Oak Valley Estate, Elgin Vinters, and Charles Fox Wine Estate, offer wine-tasting experiences that indulge visitors in themed tastings. Elgin has earned a well-deserved reputation as a paradise for wine lovers and a pioneer in fruit farming.

Cosy Stays and Tranquil Retreats
The Residence 5 Star Hotel at Elgin, near Cape Town.

The Residence Boutique Hotel, the only 5-star hotel in the region.

The Residence 5 Star boutique hotel. Centrally located in Elgin Valley, Grabouw, and in close proximity to Cape Town, all major attractions and activities are within easy access, making it your ideal base to explore the Cape while enjoying the lush landscapes of the countryside.


Elgin’s charm extends to its cosy accommodations, making it an excellent choice for a relaxing stay, especially during the winter season. Cherry Glamping’s Koraal Huisie, a tiny container-sized house atop a hill, offers complete isolation and encounters with zebra and springbok, providing a warm and snug space for guests.

All within the range of the whale capital of the world, Hermanus. 

Experience the Essence of Elgin

Beyond being renowned for apples, pears, and the popular fizzy drink Appletizer, Elgin enchants visitors with its outdoor adventures, fresh air, wines, charming restaurants, and cozy and affordable accommodations.

Its proximity to Cape Town makes it an accessible destination for extended stays or quick weekend escapes. No matter the season, a visit to Elgin promises a wonderful experience, especially during the colder months. So why wait? Lose your heart in Elgin, Snuggle up next to a roaring fire, with a glass of award-winning wine in hand, and savor the beauty of one of South Africa’s most captivating corners.


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