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ELMI College Rebrand

ELMI College RebrandIt’s a bit like stating the obvious, but we still want to take the opportunity to point out our exciting re-brand. ELMI is still young (in years – we only opened in 2008 – and at heart), but we felt it was time to relaunch our look and brand to better reflect who and what we are.

Make no mistake, the decision on re-developing our logo and rebranding the business was one that we vigorously debated, but at the end of the day the ELMI Dream Team unanimously agreed that it was the right thing to do. After all, when you have the talented design team we are lucky enough to work with, it’s a waste not to take advantage!

Designing the new logo turned out to be loads of fun. The non-creatives (as the design team like to call us them) learnt heaps about what goes into design… who would have thought that the exact distance between letters is of vital importance. And we won’t even go into the importance of exactly the correct shade! There were lots of laughs, lots of debates (that’s a friendly argument) and eventually a logo that makes us all burst with pride. Of course, that’s just the start! The entire website was then redeveloped (hope you’re impressed and enjoying this new one!) and all marketing material had to be redesigned. Stop and think for a few minutes of all the documents and places affected. It was a huge task, but one of the really important parts of being in the ELMI family is love, respect and family and we think our new look reflects this.

Please come and visit us at the campus to see all the new signage and campaigns we are running. Our “love wall” is my our personal favourite, but you may well find something else that really speaks to you. That’s the other thing about ELMI – being part of our family will never mean you have to give up your individualism. In fact, we embrace it. Hope to see you soon


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