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End of an era: Ticketpro Dome closes its doors after 20 years

End of an era: Ticketpro Dome closes its doors after 20 years

Written by Nidha Narrandes

This feels like a final blow to the entertainment sector in Johannesburg.

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on so many industries – and the entertainment sector has not been spared.

On Monday, July 19 the management of the TicketPro Dome announced that they will be closing the arena after two decades.

“It is with a heavy heart that RX Venue Management today announces that after 20 years of being the management company of South Africa’s largest multipurpose indoor arena, The Ticketpro Dome has now been sold by the owners, Sasol Pension Fund, to a third party which does not operate in the event space,” RX Venue Management wrote in a Facebook post.

The Dome, as it is fondly known to Joburgers, has been a landmark and a place where so many great international and local artists performed for crowds that filled the stadium to the brim.

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Source: sapromo.com


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