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Faf de Klerk: The Pocket Rocket of South African Rugby

The Career of Faf De KlerkFaf de Klerk, a name synonymous with the scrum-half position, is set to celebrate a monumental milestone in his rugby career as he prepares for his 50th test match for the Springboks

Born in Pretoria and a product of Hoërskool Waterkloof, De Klerk’s journey to becoming an international superstar is a story of perseverance and determination.

Nicknamed the “Pocket Rocket,” De Klerk has become one of the most crucial weapons in the Springboks’ arsenal, especially as they gear up for the World Cup tournament in France. His rugby journey, however, had a humble beginning.

Despite showcasing his talent in school rugby, De Klerk faced rejection due to his size when it came to professional opportunities.

He couldn’t secure a contract with the Bulls, who deemed him “too small” for their ranks. It was the Lions who provided him with a chance to play junior professional rugby at Ellis Park.

De Klerk’s resilience and dedication shone through in the Lowveld, where he played for the Pumas in the Currie Cup. Week after week, he proved that size is no barrier to excellence on the rugby field when matched with unwavering commitment and hard work.

The Career of Faf De KlerkHis breakthrough came when Johan Ackerman, the Lions’ coach, and talent scout Bart Schoeman recognized his potential and brought him to Ellis Park during the SuperRugby seasons of 2014 and 2015. De Klerk seized this opportunity and played a pivotal role in the Lions’ success during the Ackerman era. This success led to his call-up by the Springboks in 2016.

Fast forward to today, and Faf de Klerk is not just a stalwart for the Springboks; he’s an international rugby superstar. His service behind the scrum is nimble and precise, his kicking game is educated, and his fearless and effective defense leaves a lasting impression on the rugby world.

The Career of Faf De KlerkWhat makes De Klerk even more remarkable is his versatility. He initially juggled between scrum-half and fly-half positions during his school and junior professional days. Eventually, his size settled him at scrum-half, his preferred position.

Off the field, De Klerk is known for his calm and team-oriented demeanor. He gained international attention when he famously met Prince Harry in the Springboks’ dressing room after the 2019 World Cup final, sporting nothing but his national flag-themed speedo. This incident reflects his character: a fierce competitor on the field who stands tall despite his stature and a humble team player who doesn’t get caught up in preconceived notions.

As Faf de Klerk approaches his 50th test match for the Springboks, his journey from being deemed “too small” for professional rugby to becoming a World Cup-winning scrum-half is a testament to his dedication, skill, and resilience—a true inspiration for rugby enthusiasts around the world.


For the Fans of Rugby or the Fans of Faf De Klerk Some History about the Scrum Half.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Faf de Klerk’s rugby odyssey commenced with the Lions in Super Rugby. His arrival on the professional scene was marked by an energetic playing style and a knack for precise passing. It didn’t take long for the rugby world to take notice of this rising star.

A Dream Realized: International Debut

In 2016, Faf de Klerk’s dream came true when he made his debut for the South African national team, the Springboks. His dynamic approach to the game, combined with an uncanny ability to dictate the tempo, made him an invaluable addition to the squad. It was a momentous step in his career and a proud moment for the young scrum-half.

Rugby World Cup Glory

The pinnacle of De Klerk’s career, to date, was undoubtedly the 2019 Rugby World Cup. He played a pivotal role in the Springboks’ triumphant campaign, securing their third World Cup title. As the scrum-half, his performances were nothing short of extraordinary, orchestrating plays and delivering under pressure.

Defensive Tenacity

What sets Faf de Klerk apart is his unyielding defensive prowess. Despite his relatively modest stature for a rugby player, he fearlessly tackles opponents, often at critical moments in matches. His defensive abilities have earned him the admiration of teammates and fans alike.

Master of Game Management

De Klerk’s skill set extends to game management. His box kicking and decision-making on the field have been instrumental in controlling field position during matches. His strategic vision has been a crucial asset for the Springboks.

Leadership Beyond Position

While primarily recognized as a scrum-half, Faf de Klerk provides more than just exceptional play at his position. He’s a leader on the field, guiding and communicating effectively with his teammates. His influence goes beyond his role, elevating the team’s performance.

Success in Club Rugby

Beyond his international duties, De Klerk has made a mark in club rugby. He plied his trade with Sale Sharks in the English Premiership, further solidifying his reputation as a top-tier scrum-half. His success in club rugby mirrors his excellence on the international stage.

Fan’s Favorite

Faf de Klerk isn’t just celebrated for his rugby prowess; he’s a fan favorite for his charismatic personality and trademark hairstyle. His distinct look and infectious enthusiasm have made him easily recognizable and beloved by supporters worldwide.


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