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South Africa

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Fish of West CoastThe Berg River and the coast around St Helena Bay, so rich in fish, has attracted fishermen for generations.The fishing community soon turned fishing into a thriving industry, with many fishing trawlers coming in from the sea to dock in the Berg River at Laaiplek. Because Port Owen is near the mouth of the Berg River, Velddrif locals often launch their fishing boats here to go out to sea.

Fishing from one of the jetties right in front of The River House is usually extremely rewarding, because of the abundance of shad (also called elf) in the Berg River mouth. The river also yields streenbras about 5km inland from the bridge. You can always catch from the river’s edge – just ask the locals where to try out. There are quite a few places to launch too; take the boat up stream to the marshes, where you are sure to get something.

Surf angling is popular between Velddrif and Dwarskersbos where galjoen are often caught.

Fishing boats and yachts use the safe harbour entrance to sail into the fishing paradise of St Helena Bay. At sunset the boats return heavily laden with their catch of the day and if one has not caught one’s own fish, now is the time to buy a fish for the table.

Fishing is the chief industry of the area and fish is canned or made into fishmeal in local factories which can be visited. On the banks of the Berg River bokkoms are still prepared and hung up to dry as in the old days.

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