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South Africa

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This natural rock formation, which is one of the most impressive in Southern Africa, creates a deep, narrow channel which is a great spot for fishing. There are few people about here, even during peak season, and you can often fish for days at a time without seeing another angler. The gully near the hole is a great spot to catch small fish like pan fish, but the larger fish tend to swim further out to sea.

Two of the most popular spots in the area are Ferdy’s Gully and Black Rock, which are only accessible along dirt roads. These spots are great for catching galjoen and bronze bream, which can be caught on fairly light tackle. However, the coastline is very rugged here and can be tricky to navigate. This together with generally rough seas makes these spots dangerous to fish alone, which is advised against.

The spot known as The Queen at the northern end of the headland protecting the bay is a great deep water spot. The rocks are tricky to navigate here, but there are a few fishable spots. This is a great spot to catch blacktail and garrick, as well as a number of large sharks. Exercise caution here as the sea can get quite rough and fishing can become dangerous.

Getting there: from East London, take the N2 going to Umatata. Here, follow the signs to Coffee Bay, where you will branch off and follow signs to Hole in the Wall.

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