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South Africa

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PenningtonFishing in Pennington, Umdoni Coast, KwaZulu-Natal is a small holiday village situated midway between Park Rynie and Bazley Beach on the Umdoni Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The local caravan park has a well stocked shop where bait and tackle can be bought. It is only about 16 km from Scottburgh, the largest town on the Umdoni Coast so whatever you need can be found there.

Umdoni Park is a forested area of about 400 ha and is situated between Pennington and Sezela, a small settlement around one of the first sugar mills to be established in KwaZulu-Natal.  Umdoni Park Golf Course, one of the top hundred golf courses in South Africa is situated in this area.

Fishing spots

The Pennington beach is the most popular fishing spot here as is evidenced by the large number of locals you will find casting their lines from the rocks. Shad is quite plentiful and It is also possible to catch Kob – but generally the rocks are more suited to pan fish such as Blacktail, Stonebream and Strepie (Karanteen).

Umdoni Point, a rocky promontory, lies at the southern end of the beach and is well known in KwaZulu-Natal as one of the best deep-water fishing spots on the coast. Here you will very likely be able to catch King Mackeral, Queen Mackeral (Natal Snoek), Garrick, Kingfish, Kob and perhaps a shark or two.

Anglers need to be particularly cautious on these rocks – it can be dangerous, During the sardine run game fish such as Yellowtail and Prodigal Son can be caught here. A similar situation exists at nearby Sezela.

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