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South Africa

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The splash on the rocks at Port Edward, one of the most photographed fishing...During the Winter months the rocks at Port Edward offer some of the finest fishing along the Kwazulu-Natal coast. Shad, blacktail, karanteen and stonebream are all caught from these rocks. The point at the Mtamvuna River has always been a popular spot with kite anglers, who are able to get their baits out in to deep water with relative ease.

Here, there are four well-known spots within 200m of each other. Known as Lucky Dip, Suicide, Splash Rock and Black Rock, each of these spots produces shad, gamefish and sharks all year round. Large predator fish include kingfish, kob and garrick. This is also one of the most photographed fishing spots in South Africa.

Tips for fishermen:

The rocks here become extremely slippery and dangerous when wet. They should not be fished in such conditions. Any rock with the name ‘suicide’ should be approached with caution!

Getting there: Port Edward is on the border of Kwazulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape, south of Durban on the N2.

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