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South Africa

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A garrick caught at Port ShepstoneThe Sandspit at Port Shepstone is well-known among anglers as one of the finest and most consistent kob spots on the east coast of South Africa.

During Winter, the Mzimkulu river flows gently into the sea, and its muddy waters are just sufficient to discolour the water to the ‘ginger beer’ colour that kob seem to favour so much.

North of the Sandspit there is a rocky outcrop known as Shark’s Rock. Its name arises from the number of fish here that have been hooked by anglers and bitten in half by sharks.

Lighthouse Rocks (recently proclaied a national monument) curve around the headland to the south and fishermen can catch kob, shad, garrick and small pan fish here.

Tips for fishermen:

Although kob are best caught at night, it is advisable not to fish in this area alone at night.

Getting there: Port Shepstone is approximately 140km south of Durban on the N2.

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