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South Africa

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Fishing at Mkambati Nature Reserve This reserve caters well for anglers, supplying freezers for bait and catches, but has strict fishing regulations which must be adhered to at all times.

The main catches here are shad (elf), bronze bream and blacktail and the best catches are usually made between the months of June and November. Other fish caught in large numbers are Natal stumpnose, rock cod, kob, sand sharks, galjoen and stonebream.

The shoreline here is mostly rocky with short stretches of beach. It is a popular place for adventurous saltwater fly-fishing, because of the quantity and diversity of fish species. The reserve is home to a waterfall that falls directly into the sea, where there is a beautiful protected bay. Fishing into the bay from the rocks above, fishermen can catch shad, blacktail and kob.

Between Gwe-Gwe and The Point near Msikaba River mouth, the coastline consists of rocky ledges and a number of gullies, ideal for fish such as bronze bream, galjoen, blacktail and rock cod. The beaches on both sides of this river mouth are also a good spot for catching shad.

When the sardines run here in June/July, The Island becomes a popular fishing spot for big game fish which can be caught on spinners or live bait.

Getting there: from East London, take the N2 going towards Umtata. Here, take the R61 to Flagstaff. Turn off towards the coastline at the sign to the reserve, and follow the signs all the way to the reserve’s entrance.

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