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Fly fishing tips for the beginner

Fly fishing for beginners

Fly fishing has quickly become a popular sport all over the world and with the correct guidance and practice you can be well on your way to becoming successful at it.

People start fly fishing for different reasons – some to test their skills against nature and many for the reward and relaxation it offers.

Fly fishing can be quite daunting at first, however it is quite easy to master with the correct tools and information.

The success of Fly fishing involves a number of factors:

Fishing gear

Fly fishing for beginnersFly fishing rods usually come packaged in sections from 2 up to 6 pieces. Different Fly Rods are bought for specific conditions or situations. Therefore the best way to ensure you have the right fly fishing outfit, is to buy a beginner fly fishing combo that includes the reel, rod and matching fly line.

A beginner’s rod should be 2.4 to 2.6 meters long, and is designed to cast a 6- or 7-weight line. This combination will be light, providing enough power to cast 6 to 18 meters and will be able to control most of the flies used to fish for bass, trout and other inland fish.

Fishing with flies

Fly fishing for beginnersFlies are made from feathers and used for “bait” or “fly fishing lure”, which is then placed on the hook. Your flies are used to imitate the insects that habitat the area where you’ll be fishing.

It is important to protect your flies by using a box with compartments as this keeps the various flies divided, protects the hackle of the flies and prevents your flies from been blown away on a windy day.

Casting and some handy tips

Always walk quietly and slowly when approaching fishing waters as sound is transmitted more rapidly through water than air.

It’s best to use a wading stick when making your way through unfamiliar waters, don’t pull the wading stick up until you have both feet firmly planted. The stick acts like a third leg and supports you on uneven riverbeds.

When fishing in a stream or river, fish upstream and let the fly drift downstream. The fish are just in front or at the back of the rocks in the riverbed, sheltering from the current and lying in wait for prey.

Fly fishing for beginnersOnce you have cast your line, you must pull out as much line as needed to ensure a straight line between the fishing fly and the fly rod tip.

To increase bite sensitivity when you fish with a sinking line, keep the fly rod pointing down at the line.

As the fish strikes, you must tighten your fingers around the fly rod handle and the fly line and raise the rod sharply to set the hook.

Try not to swipe at the fish when using a net, as the sudden movement scares it and this can lead to the loss of your fish or breaking the tippet on your fly line in the process.

Before releasing your fish, hold it under the water and gently remove the hook with pliers or forceps.

There are many fly fishing guides who will assist you for a small fee.

The best part of Fly fishing is that it is a sport that women and children enjoy too, so it’s a great excuse to spend some quality time out with the family.


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