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Fun interactive tips and ideas for families to do during lockdown

tips and ideas for families during lockdown

A delightful Facebook group has been set up to provide support, tips and fun ideas for when you are at home with your family in light of the Coronavirus.

Having your children at home and couped up can be challenging at the best of times and so extra help, support and planning can make this uncertain time hopefully a bit easier.

The Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas group post ideas and suggestions for indoor and garden activities that you can do with your children. They also greatly appreciate it when members post things that they are doing that have helped them.

The group covers a range of things to do from crafts to challenges, to cooking, to indoor sports, games and so much more.

“The difference between this and other groups is that all of our posts will be suitable for the government guidelines for self-isolation or should it happen, a lockdown.”

The group is being run by two busy working parents, one being a teacher with two children under 6 and so they have a good idea of what might be going through the minds of other parents out there.

They also know and appreciate the importance of being and staying positive both for ourselves and our children.

To join the group and participate visit Family Lockdown and Tips.


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