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South Africa

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Hot-air ballooning over the Winelands

There are many different ways to see a place, but nothing compares to floating gently above the earth in a hot-air balloon.

Western Cape WinelandsThe Cape Winelands is a great destination for locals and tourists to sample and buy some of the finest wines available in the Western Cape. There is also a delightful way to enjoy the beautiful vineyard surroundings around Paarl – from a hot-air balloon.

The journey starts off very early in the morning and the reason for this is that hot-air ballooning is an incredibly volatile activity and in more cases than not it can be cancelled because of inclement weather or wind conditions. So it might not happen, but when it does, you are in for the flight of your life.

Nothing beats the peace and tranquility of a hot-air balloon ride…

The day starts when you meet up with your guides at a pre-arranged point in Paarl, at around 04:30 am and then accompany them to the take-off point. The bonus you’ll experience for getting up early is that you’ll get to see the most exquisite sun rise over the Paarl mountains.

Western Cape WinelandsOnce the burner turns the liquid propane into gas, which fills the balloon – you will be slowly making your way up into the air. By the time you begin to experience the peace and tranquility, you’ll realise how magical this trip is, especially over the Western Cape.

As the balloon climbs higher, every ­thing below appears to get smaller and smaller. You will pass over farmlands and in the direction of some koppies. And if it’s a clear day, you could get to see all the way to Cape Town. Hot-air ballooning is not a cheap activity, but floating over the winelands will make it oh so worth it.

After about an hour and a half it is time to let a little gas out and let gravity take its course. The landing is a breeze as the basket is gently parked in a farmer’s field. This is one exhilarating experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

Hot Air Ballooning South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11 802 4318

Wineland Ballooning
Tel:+27 (0)21 863 3192

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