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Jason’s Hill Private Cellar, Breedekloof Wine Route

Jason's Hill Private Wine Cellar, Breedkloof Wine RouteJason’s Hill Private Cellar is situated in the Breede River Valley at the foot of the Slanghoek Mountains. The Mediterranean climate and the varied soil conditions create the perfect environment for the production of a range of fine wines. The du Toit family have owned the farm since 1844 and today Ivy du Toit continues the tradition. She was named the Winemaker of the Year by Diner’s Club and Landbou Weekblad in 2003 and 2004.

The restaurant is open from 10h00 to 15h00 from Monday to Saturday. There is a 6.5Km hiking trail for you to take in the beautiful surroundings. Take a piece of the countryside with you! The charming little shop, built from natural stone, delights guests with everything handmade and home-baked. Unwind amidst breathtaking surroundings with a wide range of beauty and wellness treatments. For enquiries and bookings contact

Lize Du Toit on 072 868 7718.   Email

Visit us for a tasting of our award winning wines.

Tasting room hours

Monday to Friday: 8:00 tot 17:00

Saturday: 10:00 to 13:00 (winter) and 10:00 to 15:00 (summer)

Closed on Sundays

For more information visit: Jason’s Hill Private Wine Cellar

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