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Jeanique Explodes Onto The Pop Music Space With New Single ‘Pyramid’

Johannesburg – 14-year-old songstress, actress, and dancer, Jeanique, is ready for her close up.

After putting in countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears into her passion for entertainment, the singer is ready to embark on a new chapter as she shows the world what she’s made of, with her brand-new single ‘Pyramid’.

Over the past few years, Jeanique has brought her passion for both music and dance to life, as her appetite for entertaining grows. She attends Stageworx Performing Arts School on a full-time basis, has been part of various dance crews, been part of the popular ‘Born To Perform’, ‘Night With The Stars’ and Jonathan Roxmouth’s ‘The Musicals’ stage productions and released her debut single ‘Stand A Chance’ last year.

Now, Jeanique is ready to take her career to the next level as she pushes boundaries on her brand-new single ‘Pyramid’. Inspired by acts like Billie Eilish, Anne-Marie, Twenty One Pilots and Bastille, Jeanique is determined to create pop music that identifies with her audience while having the ability to set dancefloors alight.

‘Pyramid’, the star’s new single, is a slice of alternative pop heaven with splashes of Middle-Eastern and African sonic flavours. It’s a carefree, yet emotional track and features a slightly nostalgic take on young love. “A pyramid is a labyrinth and its design continues to be one of the greatest historical mysteries. To me, young love is just that – a mystery. But, one thing that we do know for sure, is that love can give us the power to build. With love, we can do anything.”


New Single ‘Pyramid’Jeanique adds that the song “connects to me personally because I have so many people in my life now that I didn’t have before that I know will be there for me,” she says. “I feel like I’ll love them forever, so my labyrinth of love continues on with my family and friends.”

The single was written and produced by South African pop sensation Daniel Baron, who continues to work with up-and-coming artists. Daniel is passionate about opening up the industry by guiding and assisting young artists to find their sound while helping them craft music which is reminiscent of who they are as musicians.

“It was amazing working with Daniel,” Jeanique says. “We are a lot alike and both share a huge passion for music. It’s rare to meet someone who you just click with on a creative level and that experience made making music with him so special. I am so proud of the work we accomplished on ‘Pyramid’ and I know this is the start of more incredible moments to come.”

‘Pyramid’ sees a brand-new sonic direction for the young pop star and is certainly the start of a new era in her career and has already been included in Apple Music’s ‘Hot Tracks’ and ‘Best Of The Week’ playlist. ‘Pyramid’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here.

YouTube Video of Jeanique Her Music Video Pyramid (Lyrics)


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