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Lory Park Zoo and Animal Sanctuary, Midrand

Lory Park Zoo and Animal Sanctuary, Midrand, Johannesburg

Lory Park is an animal and bird sanctuary that is not only home to a wide range of abandoned and injured wildlife but is also a learning centre for children to understand and appreciate the importance of our wildlife heritage.

Lory Park Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Grounds, Midrand, JohannesburgCurator, Eddy van Eck started off at age 14 collecting Lories, Lorikeets and Cockatoos and by the mid ’90’s his collection of Lorikeets was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. After many years of furthering his education in this field, Eddy realised his dream of opening an animal sanctuary/mini-zoo.

The visitor’s experience is one of being up-close and personal, whether you are introducing the kids to the animals or enjoy petting some of the tamer residents. Remember to bring your camera. An interactive feeding time with certain animals, takes place on a daily basis, usually between 13h00 and 14h00.

Lory Park Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Petting, Midrand, Johannesburg

At Lory Park Zoo you can see big cats such as the Bengal tiger, cheetah, lynx, jaguar, leopard, lion, puma and Siberian tiger, smaller cats like the ocelot, a variety of primate species and a large variety of birds and reptiles.

There is a Tea Garden on the premises, which is ideal for light lunches, snacks and drinks; a jungle gym and an animal-petting play area.

Address: 180/1 Kruger Rd, President Park, Midrand. Hours: Everyday 10am to 4.30pm. Phone: 011 315 7307. Website.

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