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Melrose Arch, Melrose North, Johannesburg

Melrose Arch in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg is one of Sir Richard Branson’s favourite urban places to stay. This is not surprising as the developers had a truly modern vision – to create an elegant, gated mixed use haven, with open spaces, tree-lined streets, public squares and side-walk cafés within which a resident or visitor can work, live and play.

Melrose Arch is the ultimate commercial address boasting the head offices of some of South Africa’s leading companies and emerging businesses. Known as “Offices On The Piazza”, it boasts nine highly individualized triple A grade office buildings.

When you are done with work, Melrose Arch apartments, loft living and penthouses offer secure, stylish, trendy living spaces, right on the doorstep of high street living.

Now, we know that life is not all about work, and Melrose Arch does not disappoint its patrons. If you want something to eat, Melrose Arch offers buzzing eateries serving up local and international cuisine and there is an endless pulse of music playing at the various spots across the shopping complex and outdoor piazza.

At night, Melrose Arch comes alive and transforms itself into a dazzling entertainment venue of choice that boasts buzzing restaurants and bars. Young executives living in neighbouring suburbs join the locals for a great night out

Enjoy a British gastropub experience with Union Jack décor, cigar bar and untold varieties of whisky. Open until late, Churchills in Melrose Arch is where you will meet the well heeled. Good food rounds off the experience. Closed on Mondays. Tuesday to Sunday 3pm till late.

Shop 52 upper level, Galleria Piazza, Melrose Arch, 011-684-1040.

And just in case you need something special to wear for your next social engagement, Melrose Arch provides many stylish clothing boutiques that stock most well-known designer labels.

Melrose Arch Hotel, Melrose North, Johannesburg

To keep in shape, fitness fanatics can sweat it out at the Virgin Active gym, which boasts state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

If you are from out of town, the five-star Melrose Arch Hotel, (left) offers absolute luxury accommodation and a stylish cocktail lounge.

As can be seen, Melrose Arch is a great place to meet for business, eat out, chill and live.

Directions: Take Atholl Oaklands Road off Corlette Drive, close to the M1 Freeway in Melrose.

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