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South Africa

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Mitchell’s Pass, Ceres

Mitchells Pass CeresThe road to Mitchell’s Pass, at the entrance to Ceres, has particularly beautiful scenery. The pass is well worth driving for the incredible rock formations.

The pass is well known amongst avid birders, who set up along the slope behind the Tolhuis (a national monument since 1972) and coffee shop, where a footpath takes one into the shade and dense bush. Here you could spot the Protea canary, bar-throated apalis and swee waxbill.

The old Toll House, situated just below the railway crossing on the pass, was the pay point for travellers to the diamond fields in the early days after the pass was built. Now a well maintained national monument, it  houses a small restaurant offering local traditional foods and treats.

The two roads from Tulbagh /Wolseley (R46) and Worcester (R43), meet at Michell’s Pass. The first pass was built by Andrew Geddes Bain and completed in 1848. Parts of the old pass are still visible at certain points.

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