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South Africa

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The Mount Carmel farm in Danielskuil south of Kuruman offers nature and outdoors activities and sightseeing in various forms, both on and around the farm, from game hunting, dart hunting, hiking, horse-riding and non-hunting and photographic safaris.

It is also the location of the infamous Boesmansgat sinkhole – one of the world’s deepest freshwater cave dive sites and the location of many record dives.

Even if you are not a Cave Diver, Boesmansgat is worth a visit if just to peer into its unfathomable depths, though it has a tragic history. One of the deepest cave dives in the world, this water-filled sinkhole is over 280 meters deep and has claimed the lives of several very experienced divers going for records. In 2005 it claimed the life of David Shaw, who’d dived to record depths to retrieve the body of diver Deon Dreyer, who had died there 10 years before but was stuck at the bottom.

Both bodies were recovered the following day, and Deon’s ashes were scattered at Boesmansgat. The water is crystalline and the incredible depth is awe-inspiring, as is the fact that much of the underwater cave system is still, and possibly forever, unexplored…you can take a swim if you are brave.

Read more on (Boesmansgat Mt. Carmel Farm, south of Kuruman in the Northern Cape)

Getting there: Take the R31 south from Kuruman. The total travelling distance is about 58km.

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