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South Africa

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Mpumalanga – chasing waterfalls

Mpumalanga is said to be the most scenic province in South Africa. This is because of their extraordinary views, such as God’s Window, which overlooks the Motlatse (Blyde) River Canyon.

Furthermore, their main tourist route running through the province is named the Panorama Route, because of the breathtaking panoramas you witness along the drive.

“This area holds the highest collection of waterfalls in South Africa…”

Waterfalls MpumalangaOn the northeastern part of the Great Escarpment in the northern Drakensberg, it is as if someone has chopped away part of the earth. Far down below lies the Lowveld, which seems to be green all year round due to the abundance of water and the moderate winters.

Another exciting activity to do when visiting the area, is to chase waterfalls as the Lowveld holds the highest collection of waterfalls in South Africa. They certainly aren’t as dramatic or as wide as Victoria Falls, but they are definitely worth a stop, look and swim – a definite must in Summer!

You could fill your entire day or longer searching out the many waterfalls found in this area. Majority of the waterfalls are located on the R352, between Sabie and Graskop, otherwise the others are in relatively close proximity to these two towns. The local government has made chasing the falls easy and safe, with signposted turn offs to all the major waterfalls in the area.

Just 13 kilometers from Sabie on the R352, you’ll find The Mac-Mac Falls. The name originated from President Burger of the old Transvaal, who used to inspect the gold diggings in the area and couldn’t help but notice all the Scottish Macs on the prospectors list. You’ll also be able to enjoy a picnic as your family swims in the crystal-clear pool at the bottom of the falls. There are tables and chairs and an ablution facility available.

Near Graskop you’ll find The Lisbon Falls, which are the highest in the area at just under 100m. Many of the falls have European names – they were named after the areas the gold prospectors came from.

Then nearby, the Berlin Falls flow through a natural sluice before falling 80m. Here too, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool beneath and the picnic facilities.

Waterfalls MpumalangaOn the old Lydenburg Road, just 6km’s from Sabie, you’ll find The Bridal Veil Falls. True to it’s name, the falls look like a veil. You will need to pay a small fee and then enjoy a short walk to see them.

Not far off from the bridal Veil Falls, you’ll find the Lone Creek Falls. This is a national monument  that is located in a densely forested area. Here, too, you’ll need to pay a fee, and they are also equipped with ablution facilities and a picnic area.

Then a little further you’ll come across the Horseshoe Falls, which actually fall in the shape of a horseshoe. Luckily these falls are only a short walk from the car park area. If you are an angler, you can cast your line into the dam nearby.

Lastly, the wide Forest Falls are one of the favourites, which is 17km from Graskop on the R352. There are many more falls to catch, but these are the spectacular ones that should definitely be on top of your list.

Sabie Tourism
Tel: +27 (0)13 764 1177

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