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South Africa

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Mulaudzi Alexandra Township Tours, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Alexandra Township Cultural Tours, Johannesburg, South Africa

Mulaudzi Alexandra Tours was founded by Jeffrey Mulaudzi, a young man who is a glowing example of the exciting post-apartheid generation. Jeff was born in Alex, as Alexandra is lovingly known, and has lived there his whole life. It is safe to say that he not only knows the town like the back of his hand, but that he knows its residents as well.

Jeffrey Mulaudzi
Jeffrey Mulaudzi

He has put together a group of tour guides who would like to introduce their friendly township to you, whether you are an international visitor or a South African wishing to meet those from whom we were separated for so long. Tours are experienced on a bicycle, which allows tourists the opportunity to get much closer to the people living in the township and to enjoy this historic region from a truly unique perspective.

Find out about the history of Alex, the years of struggle and protest and what the challenges are today. Talk to the people, taste the food, visit Mandela’s first home and all the interesting sites on the heritage route. Find out about the other famous people who started life here, like Samora Machel, Hugh Masekela and Irvin Khosa among others!

Alex is a big contrast to both the wealthy neighbouring Sandton suburbs, and the beautiful beaches, wildlife and other magnificent areas of South Africa, but our “Rainbow Nation” has a history, one which many tourists do not truly discover during their visits to our shores, yet one that has had such a significant impact on the way we live today.

There are two tour packages available for groups of 8 (2 minimum).

2 Hour Tour : Introduction, Visit a shebeen (local bar), Visit school heritage site, View of the township, Cycle to Mogodu, View outside of the hostels, Mandela’s house.

4 Hour Tour: Introduction, Visit a shebeen, Visit school heritage site, View of the township, Cycle to Mogodu, Lunch, Tour of the hostels, Mandela’s house, OHD House, Beer tasting.

Discounts will be arranged for groups for more than 10.

The start and end of the tours are from the Marlboro Gautrain Station which gives tourists easy access to the airport and the ability to partake in a tour before catching a flight. If you wish to make a tour by car, rather than cycle, Jeff can easily make the arrangements. Tourists are insured.

The Tour is conducted in a responsible way. Mulaudzi tours believes it is important to bring visitors to the Township to create an interest that will not only allow the people living in Alexandra to meet and see the tourists from outside the township, but to also give the community hope, hope to build their self-esteem and sense of worth. Everyone who has gone on the tour with Jeff have rated it on TripAdvisor as as one of the best things they did in Johannesburg.

Contact Details: Telephone Jeffrey: 071 279 3654 OR +27-61 365 7695 E-mail.

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