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Natal Lion Park, Camperdown, Natal Midlands, KwaZulu-Natal

Natal Lion ParkThe Natal Lion Park, in the Natal Midlands is  a wildlife haven not far from the major cities of Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It is just 25km from Pietermaritzburg and just over 14km from the town of Camperdown.

Enjoy a 1 hour game drive through the park with lion feedings taking place at irregular intervals. The park is home to Lion, African Elephant, Asian Elephant, Impala, Nyala, Grey Duiker, Porcupine, Bush Pig, Kudu, Vervet Monkey, Bush Babies, Cane Rat, Black Backed Jackal, Zebra, Blue Wildebeest and Leopard.

Birds include the Yellow Billed Kite, Long Crested Eagle, Crowned Eagle, Raven, Black Shouldered Kite, Jackal Buzzard, Grass Owl, Barn Owl, Grey Heron, Francolin, Red-chested Cuckoo, Pied Kingfisher, Fork Tailed Drongo, Thick Billed Weaver, Fiscal Shrike, Sacred Ibis, Guinea Fowl, Cape Glossy Starling, Purple Crested Bulbul and Pied Crow.

Natal Lion Park, Natal Midlands

There are also many reptiles, including Water Monitor Lizard, Veld/Bush Monitor, Blue Headed Lizard, Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Night Adder, Mozambique Spitting Cobra, African Rock Python, Spotted Bush Snake, Brown House Snake, Short Snouted Grass Snake, Red Lipped Herald and Stiletto Snake.

The best time for sightings would be early morning before the heat of the day sends all the animals into the protectively cool afternoon shade. All roads in the park are gravel so drivers should always remain cautious. Visitors can pick up a little souvenir of their time spent at the on-site curio shop and refreshments are also available in the shop.

The park is open Monday – Sunday, 08:00 – 16:00. Telephone +27 (0)31 785-4707 or visit their Website.

Take the No. 65 offramp off the N3 towards the Lion Park. The offramp is approximately 60kms from Durban and 18kms from Pietermaritzburg.

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