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South Africa

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Over 9000 meals packed to support Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

On 13 July the senior leadership team of African Bank packed meals for Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

The packing took place at the Sandton Convention Centre and is part of the Rise Against Hunger campaign. “In our 67 minutes to honour Mandela we packed 9720 meals which is enough to feed one ECD centre for a complete year,” says Kennedy Dembetembe, National CSI Manager for African Bank.

Early Childhood Development

This, he says, is an effort to improve the lives of children and educators around the country. “ECD is possibly the biggest blindspot in our education crisis. We recognise that there is no point in putting money into education when the foundation isn’t there.

Early Childhood Development

We have therefore committed to invest in this area so that other interventions don’t have to be remedial, but rather progressive. It is encouraging that our African Bank leaders are leading by example and are demonstrating our brand purpose ‘humanity through banking’,” he concludes.


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