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Pietermaritzburg’s Rising Star: Azaria Rajah’s Gymnastics Journey

Little Azaria Peyton Rajah from Hayfields, Pietermaritzburg, is reaching new heights in gymnastics.

The 10-year-old recently earned her level 2 KwaZulu-Natal colors, standing out as the sole gold medalist in the Midlands region with an impressive overall score of 36.50.

“Azaria has been turning cartwheels since she could walk,” said her mother, Prentheni Rajah. “We decided to nurture her talent in a professional and safe environment, enrolling her at the Pietermaritzburg Gymnastics Academy when she was just five years old.”

Prentheni, who owns a transport company, and her husband Darren, the director of a health and safety company, share the task of taking Azaria to her gymnastics practices.

“She attends practice twice a week without fail and practices at home whenever she can,” said Prentheni. “I’m incredibly proud of her dedication and accomplishments. Watching her excel in something she loves is one of the greatest joys of my life. Her rapid progress and unwavering determination are truly inspiring.”

Azaria, who dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnastics coach, said, “I love gymnastics because I get to do flips and cartwheels all the time and push my body to new limits. One day, I want to win at the Olympics and then coach others. Besides gymnastics, I enjoy swimming, ice skating, and spending time with my family.”

Azaria is set to compete in an inter-provincial competition for KwaZulu-Natal on June 14 and 15, hosted by the KZN Gymnastics Union at the Pinetown Gymnastics Club. Competing at level 2 in the 9 to 10 age category, she will showcase her skills in the bar, beam, vault, and floor routines.



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