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Plett Ocean Festival 2024

Dive into the Depths: Plett Ocean Festival 2024 Unveils Thrilling Symposium, Activities, and Excursions

Ocean aficionados, prepare to immerse yourselves in excitement! The much-anticipated third edition of the Plett Ocean Festival is set to make waves from June 21st to June 30th, 2024. Anchoring the festivities is a captivating three-day Marine Science Symposium, slated for June 21st to 23rd, hosted at the iconic Beacon Island Resort.

This festival serves as a dynamic tribute to Plett’s most treasured assets: our majestic ocean, diverse marine life, and pristine beaches, all while sparking vital conversations about marine conservation. With a mission to captivate a broad spectrum of enthusiasts, from families to conservationists, students, and beyond, the call to action is simple: “come curious”…

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Plettenberg Bay stands as a beacon of marine conservation, boasting six international Blue Flag Beaches, two Blue Flag Boats, a Mission Blue Hope Spot, and the prestigious title of a Whale Heritage Site, all surrounded by national parks and marine protected areas.

Festival director Cindy Wilson-Trollip encapsulates the essence of the event: “The Plett Ocean Festival is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering appreciation for our oceans, cultivating a shared environmental ethos, and inspiring community involvement in Plett.” The festival strives to be an inclusive and unparalleled celebration, honoring the conservation and sustainable enjoyment of Plettenberg Bay’s marine wonders.



Plettenberg Bay flourishes during the winter months, offering mild weather and abundant marine biodiversity. The festival coincides with the seasonal arrival of whales in the bay, optimal oceanic conditions, and the convergence of resident seals, dolphins, sharks, and marine birds.

Beyond the Marine Science Symposium, the festival promises an array of activities and excursions, including pelagic bird watching, exploration of rocky shores, family-friendly entertainment, and much more. Visitors can partake in a myriad of ocean-themed adventures, both along the coastline and out on the water, with options for exploring the depths beneath the waves.

Stay tuned to www.plettoceanfestival.co.za for upcoming details and ticket bookings, available starting April 2nd, 2024.

Originally Published on Plett Tourism


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