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South Africa

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Rock Art Sites, Op-die-Berg Area, Western Cape

Rock Art Op-die-Berg, Breede River Valley, Western Cape

Peter is an expert on the 1200-year-old rock art in a conservancy, 25km east of Op-die-Berg village, near the Katbakkies Pass. He leads a 3-hour walk through grasslands and fynbos, imparting his knowledge on the archaeology of the area and the lifestyle and traditions of the San people who originally inhabited this area. Peter, who is part of Wethu Experiences, a project that assists previously disadvantaged South Africans, will take you to three rock art sites. Should you be in the area in spring or early summer, you will experience the additional beauty of the wild flowers. Refreshments are included. Remember to bring your sunscreen and hat and to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Contact Peter at 072 999 4167 or E-Mail.

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