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Three Sisters Scuba Dive Site, East LondonThe most popular dive site and in fact, a good spearfishing site, in East London is Three Sisters which lies a kilometre off Beacon Bay (chartered as Danger Point) and can be accessed by boat from either Nahoon or Gonubie River Mouth.

This reef is best dived in winter (May to August). Luckily, the conditions are pretty clear owing to the distance from shore. As the reef is shallow, it is a good site for snorkelers and divers of all levels. This is a very colourful reef with plenty of crevices and ledges to explore. Ragged tooth sharks gather in caves and big reef fish are plentiful and this attracts spear fishermen, who have to swim from shore.

The site got a rich marine life with fishes such as red roman, steenbras, cob, yellow belly rockcod, bigeyes, strepies, blacktail, zebra, galjoen and invertebrates such as crayfish, gorgonian fans, sponges and nudibranchs are found in abundance.

The dive site is huge and impossible to cover in a few dives – you can do different dives each time you go out.

On a good day you can dive in between the 3 pinnacles. It is a awesome site as on 90% of the dives you will find lots of raggies. They are small, mostly from 1-2m  – big males do hang around though (2m+)….on a good day you will see 30+ raggies on a dive of 50min .. Riaan Rossouw

If you’d like to join a diving expedition to explore the shipwrecks off the East London coast, contact the Border Undersea Club which is a scuba diving and spear fishing club offering equipment hire. Tel: (043)748 2958 e-Mail Or enquire at Pollock’s Sports Shop in East London. A n Open Waters certificate of competency is required.

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