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South Africa

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See San Rock Art – Rhodes area, Eastern Cape Highlands

The Rhodes, Barkly East, Maclear and Mount Fletcher areas of the Southern Drakensberg in the Eastern Cape Highlands are famous for some beautiful rock art sites.

In the Rhodes/Barkly East areas, a three Day Rock Art Tour takes you into the heart of one of the wildest and most awe-inspring landscapes in South Africa, if not Southern Africa. The tours are conducted by qualified mountain guides and archeological experts, and start with the Denorbin Farm site right above Barkly Pass. Here you will see lots of hunter-gatherer rock art under a large sandstone overhang – including animals, depictions of San rituals, serpents and dancing figures.

The tour continues on  Day 2 and 3 to several other sites in the ‘Wartrail’ area, Ancestral Cave and Cathedral Cave.

The tours give you an opportunity to savour the ancient beauty around you, while giving you insight into the amazing ancient culture and spirituality of the San Bushmen – an almost extinct people who ‘were the first people’ in Southern Africa.

Accommodation, meals and packed lunches are all included and are arranged on the route. Dawn Green offers a guided service to sites in the New England and Wartrail areas. Telephone 045 971 9078.

The Mount Fletcher area also has an excellent site, one of the best preserved in South Africa. This herd of leaping eland are worth the rather strenuous walk up the mountain to the overhang of rock, but once you arrive, you can imagine the San sitting there with this amazing backdrop and outlook over the Tistsana River Valley. The public are only allowed to view the site in the company of a guide. Contact: Thabathani Tshaka at 073 2426952: Email.

Maclear also has its own treasure of San Art as featured in National Geographic Magazine. Contact Sheila (045 9321437) for guided tours.

More info on the town of Rhodes More info on the N. Ukhahlamba area


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