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ShowMe South Africa Interviews Prime Circle!

Prime Circle, one SA’s hottest award-winning rock bands has been selected as one of the support acts for Rock on the Lawns featuring the Pixies.

Prime Circle have won several South African Music Awards for their albums and music videos, including Best Music Video of the Year at the SAMA XXI category as well as nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Pop & Alternative Act and Best Music Video of the Year for their single DOORS off their album Let The Night In. The band was also nominated for Best Artist in African Rock at the All Africa Music Awards.

Here is an exclusive interview with Ross Learmonth about the band, it’s sound and future ventures.

Who are the band members?

Ross Learmonth (guitar and vocals); Marco Gomes (bass); Dale Schnettler (drums); Neil Breytenbach (keyboards) and Dirk Bisschoff (guitar).

What Does Your Band Name Mean?

It doesn’t really have a meaning, we liked the way it sounded and decided temporarily to name ourselves Prime Circle until we came up with another name and it stuck. Having to name a band can be quite tricky so I’m glad it worked.

When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

We formed in 2001 – we all had a big passion for music and coming from a small town had bigger aspirations. It was hard to find people to play with, so when we all met it was very exciting. Now it’s 16 years later and we still love what we do, amazing how time flies…

Brief history of your band and accomplishments?

In our 16 years we’ve seen a lot and our music has taken us all around the world. Our first really big show was opening for ‘Live’ on the ‘Birds of Prey Tour’, which really got our name out there.

We then played at the 46664 concert and all the major festivals around South Africa – constantly on the road touring. Then we started touring internationally, being the first rock act to tour the whole of India, then London and the rest of Europe.

Our theory over the years has always stayed the same and that’s to, ‘just hit the road and play as much as we can’.

How would you describe your genre? Who Are Your Biggest Influences?

We sort of coined the phrase Anthemic Rock, but have always tried to progress and be open to change, from ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Evidence’, which was a bit of a harder approach, to ‘Let the Night In’, which was more synth and a lot less guitars. We are always looking for new inspiration and influence.

Do you write out your lyrics? What’s Your Songwriting Process?

We work out the music as a band and then I work on the lyrics. I generally have an idea on a story, but I take my time trying to figure out what the lyrics are. It’s always different as you have to be current, yet stay true to what your are about as an artist.

Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you ever play any covers? Do you have a set play list?

We have a bunch of songs that we generally play. We do have a set list that we try stick to, but most days there will be minor changes – it keeps it fresh for us and the listener.

Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?

Locally we have a distribution deal and internationally we are signed to Rainbow Records.

Is there anything you would like share – upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

We are working on a new album, which we hope will be out by June. Other than that we will be touring, so you can catch our tour dates on our social media platforms.

How does it feel to be a support act for the Pixies? How did it come about?

We have been fans since I can remember, we were asked to join the bill and did not hesitate. The pixies are musical icons and we are excited to be supporting them!

For more information on Prime Circle

Hashtag: #GHOSTS; #LTNIDeluxe

Prime Circle – Breathing (Official Music Video)


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