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Snakes alive! Crocworld team relocates a couple of surprise mamba guests

Excitement at Crocworld as Team Safely Relocates Surprise Mamba Guests

On the left: Animal Curator at Crocworld Conservation Centre, Busani Mthiyane with the Green Mamba.
On the right: Crocworld Conservation Centre Manager, James Wittstock with the Black Mamba.

The snake rescue experts at Crocworld Conservation Centre had an unexpected adventure in Amandawe on the KZN South Coast recently. What started as a routine call turned into a thrilling encounter with Africa’s deadliest snake!

Busani Mthiyane, Animal Curator at Crocworld Conservation Centre, recalled the moment they received a call about a ‘huge, green mamba’ on a family’s roof. Initially skeptical, they anticipated a Spotted Bush Snake. However, their search uncovered the shed skin of a Black Mamba, signaling a far more serious situation.

“It was a surprise for all of us,” Mthiyane said. “We found evidence suggesting the mamba had been feasting on rats up there. Safely removing the snake was a relief for the family and the community.”

Shedding light on snake behavior, Mthiyane explained that skin shedding is a natural process for growth and hygiene, painless due to a natural lubricant between old and new skin layers.

In another incident, a Green Mamba made a cameo at a Roseneath water pump station. Prompt action from the team ensured the snake’s safe relocation, highlighting the importance of professional snake handling.

Mthiyane emphasized the ongoing activity of mambas, especially during their mating season in autumn and early winter, a fact often overlooked by the public.

Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh offers vital snake identification and removal services to neighboring communities, promoting safety and conservation. Visitors can also explore a fascinating array of reptiles, enjoy crocodile feeds, and discover diverse wildlife, including over 200 bird species and charming creatures at the Animal Farm.

Want to see more about CrocWorld?

The center’s Fish Eagle Café provides a scenic spot to unwind, currently offering a tempting burger and Liqui Fruit special at R115 per person. For inquiries or assistance, reach out to Crocworld Conservation Centre at 039 976 1103 or visit www.crocworld.co.za. Stay updated by following ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook and Instagram.

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