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South Africa

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St Francis Links Golf CourseSt Francis Links Golf Course is a Jack Nicklaus course which captures the essence of the great championship layouts of the British Isles links courses. Undulating with humps and hollows there is something special about playing a good links course and this one is no exception. Wind at St. Francis often comes into play, but what would a links course be without it? It adds to the challenge.

In the same tradition as Royal Port Alfred, each hole is given its distinctive name, among them “Eye of the needle”; “Braveheart”; and a local African expression “Eish” which could loosely be translated as WOW!

The course is aesthetically pleasing and very playable for all types of golfer. Nicklaus, as always, has made wise decisions in working with the superb topography he had at his disposal. This is a newly established course with great prospects of rising rapidly into the top ten golf courses in South Africa.Open to visitors every day. St Francis Links Website.

Tel: Tel +27 (0)42 200 4500   Email

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