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Stargazing at Sterland Farm, Sutherland, Northern Cape Karoo

The Sterland Farm just outside of Sutherland offers visitors the opportunity to stargaze and learn more about the heavens of the Southern Hemisphere.

Here in the Upper Karoo, the Milky Way – the band of stars, dust and galaxies that runs across the southern skies – is so dazzlingly bright that the indigenous San people of the region created a legend to explain its origin. The legend tells that a young girl threw the embers from a fire across the night sky to light her way in the dark, and in perfect conditions on a new moon, the stars are so bright here, the moon is not missed for its light.

On each new moon, the Sterland Farm offers ‘Stars to Midnight’. The evening begins with a farm-style feast of warming food curry and rice, hot-dogs and pancakes accompanied by a glass of red wine, followed by a lecture on the basics of astronomy. This is followed by stargazing through 5 powerful telescopes, each operated by an experienced operator, with the images projected on to a screen – with each image explained in detail. This continues till midnight, with a coffee/tea break.

This evening ‘tour of the heavens’ is very popular; booking is essential. Contact Jurg  082 556 9589

Getting there: Sterland is 1km outside of Sutherland. Jurg will provide directions

More info on the quaint town of Sutherland More info on the Upper Karoo area


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