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South Africa

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Stay at a traditional Limpopo village

Camp Fundudzi offers you a chance to stay over in a traditional-style Venda hut.

Even though millions of tourists flock to southern Africa, very few ever come close to the Vhembe District of the Limpopo province. This is a real pity because this area is filled with culture, history, and wildlife and at very affordable rates.

“an authentic African experience – staying in a traditional Venda hut.”

Staying in one the traditional huts, set on the terraced slopes of the Luaname Mountains, makes you feel part of the village. The smells and sounds from the village waft up towards your camp. All the huts are clean and well maintained, definitely worth the cultural  experience.

If you have been exploring the area and need a place to stop over, then Camp Fundudzi is the ideal choice. Nearby you can visit Lake Fundudzi, a 5km by 3km lake, which is considered sacred to the local people. As legend has it – a passing leper was refused access to the local village, so out of fury, he cursed the place and caused it to sink below the waters of the lake. The locals say that you can still hear the cries of the animals and people below the water.

Once a year the village celebrate the Domba Dance (Python Dance), and if you’re staying at the camp you can arrange for some of the locals to come to your hut and demonstrate this dance for you. You can also arrange a traditional Venda eating experience, where some of the village women come over and cook for you. 

There is nothing fancy about this camp, but it’s well taken care of and there’s a communal kitchen. You’ll find the beds comfortable and you’ll get to use a paraffin lamp once the sun goes down. It’s also best to bring your own bottled water if you have a sensitive stomach.

You won’t get to experience a more authentic African dwelling. If you take a stroll down into the village, you can visit traditional bangle, bead and clothing manufacturers and all the people are very friendly.


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