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Subtle Ways To Pursue The Man Of Your Dreams Confidently

Traditionally it has always been up to men to make the first move when it comes to dating and this raises the question of whether women can now take it upon themselves to ask men out on dates.

We live in a society where women have finally found themselves being treated as equals on most levels – in the work place, the home and even in the bedroom. However, there is much controversy over whether a woman should be allowed to ask a man out on a date. Some men claim their rights will be denied as the hunter. Then there are other men who feel it takes the pressure off them and shows self confidence in a woman, which some consider very sexy.

subtle ways to flirtMost women believe a man would run a mile if you dared to mention going out on a date and would prefer to leave the role as the hunter to the man. So how do we find a medium between keeping our virtues and at the same time showing the confidence men find attractive? Woman can take on a more assertive role but rather than going in straight for the kill, they can show it in more subtle ways.

What’s sexier than letting a man know that you are interested in him? Body language speaks a thousand words, you can sit extra close giving him your full attention. Keep eye contact, show your interest in him, smile and laugh because being uptight and stiff won’t get you far.

Being playful is a great way to flirt and lets him know you are self-assured and that you know your worth. You can joke with him, but don’t overdo it or tease him in a way that could be taken seriously. A man won’t ask for your number if he thinks you’re making fun of him.

Subtle ways to flirtThere is nothing more beautiful than a woman in touch with her femininity. A beautiful dress or skirt, silk stocking, heels to match, accessories and subtle make up will have a man transfixed the entire evening. It’s all about attitude and if you feel good about yourself, you’ll be more inclined to flirt.

Physical contact is a great way to get a man’s heart pounding. Lightly touch his forearm while you’re in conversation. Brush shoulders as you pass him or gently scuff his leg as you sit down next to him and he’ll be sure to notice. It will also let him know that you don’t have issues when it comes to intimacy.

Men need to be admired and love to have their ego’s stroked by women. Listen to what he says and show your interest in his work and hobbies and what he enjoys doing. A man needs to feel that you care and will support his interests. Keep your focus on him so he doesn’t get the feeling you are playing the field. This will show him you are interested in him even though there are other fish in the sea.

Don’t come on too strong with your interest; you don’t want to seem over eager to please. Let a man know that you have a fun and interesting life of your own. Men can pick up when a woman is nervous or anxious. Relax, softly bite your lip on occasion and twirl your fingers through your hair. Let the mood flow and most importantly be yourself – before you know it he’ll be asking for your number and you wouldn’t have had to endure rejection from a man who feels you’ve taken on the masculine role by directly asking him out on a date.


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