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Sunrise pictures at Hartebeesport

Posted on 24 April, 2015 by Christy Strever  in PhotographyTravel & Lifestyle — 0 Comments

Ever since I joined Instagram I have been inspired to work harder and take better pictures of our beautiful country.

I wanted to get ‘out of the ordinary’ sunrise pictures and Hartebeespoort was one of my first choices.


I woke up at 4:30am to drive to Harties just so I could capture the sunrise. I stopped at the first bridge where there is a stunning view of the dam. I set up about 20 minutes before the sunrise so I could capture the clouds. It’s a perfect place, as the sun rises directly in front of you, but a word of warning if you decide to photograph here – cars come flying down that road so make sure you are wearing bright clothes and are as close to the edge of the bridge as possible.

sunrise hartebeespoort

This picture was taken from the back of a bakkie, on a tripod, using a Nikon D610, 24-85 Nikkor lens.

glass ball photo reflect

Hartebeespoort is a lovely place to explore for photography and if you have anything that will give your picture an interesting twist then use it!

Locks of love

Locks of love. Couples engrave their names on locks and lock it on the fence at the Sluice view point.

Next stop was the sluices. I wouldn’t go there first as the mountains block the sun. I got there at about 7:20am. I would recommend buying one of those mini tripods if you want to do any long exposure shots at the waterfalls.


If you have an ND filter I suggest you take it along or you can just stitch the pictures (sky and foreground) together as I have done in this one.

If you drive around in that area just after sunrise you will notice a lot of hot air balloons. These make fabulous pictures with either the sun rays behind them or the mountains behind them. Be quick as they rise very fast and you don’t want to miss that shot of the mountains behind them instead of below them.

hot air balloons hartebeespoort

We then explored the surroundings and you’ll be amazed at how many hot air balloons there are.

hot air balloons hartebeespoort

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