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South Africa

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Augrabies FallsKnown to the wandering Khoihoi as Aukoerebis (place of great noise), the Augrabies Falls thunder over a great granite slash in the barren bushveld of the Northern Cape.

The Augrabies Falls National park covers a large area of land on both banks of the Orange River, completely surrounding the falls.

One of the most striking aspects of the park is the contrast in its scenery. The banks of the river are painted green by the lush vegetation, yet only a few metres away there is little but sand and rock. The falls, being the centrepiece of the park, tumble 65m over the great granite barrier into a pool that is believed to be 130m deep.

Full Moon at AugrabiesA never to be forgotten experience is to watch the full moon rise colouring the surrounding rocks a pale pink. Take a drink and enjoy. Augrabies National Park


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