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The Scoop Stage 16 Load Shedding Approved

So, the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) just rolled out some fresh guidelines on load shedding, going all the way up to Stage 16.

Here’s the lowdown:

New and Improved Guidelines
Nersa recently dropped an updated version of the load-shedding Code of Practice. This latest edition brings together stages from Stage 1 to Stage 16 into one streamlined system. They put this revision together with input from experts at Eskom, the Energy Intensive User Group, various metros, and Nersa itself.

Third Time’s the Charm
This is actually the third edition of the code, following the one from back in 2017 that covered load shedding up to Stage 8. The whole document, titled NRS 048-9 Electricity Supply – Quality of Supply: Code of Practice – covers everything from load reduction practices to system restoration procedures during emergencies. They were open to public feedback starting from August 11, 2023.

Stage 16 Load Shedding – A Long Shot
Vally Padayachee, Chair of the National Rationalised Specifications (NRS) Association of South Africa’s management committee, thinks this updated load-shedding setup is pretty solid. It’s designed to cut down on mistakes and can handle up to Stage 16 if needed. But let’s be real, hitting Stage 16, where they shut down 80% of the grid, is probably not in the cards.

What’s the Deal with the Revised Code?
This revamped code is all about helping Eskom and local distributors deal with heavy-duty load shedding without things going haywire. It gives them the power to take quick action in emergencies.

The Big Changes
They’ve made some significant tweaks in this update, like combining all the load-shedding stages into one from Stage 1 to Stage 16. Plus, they’ve tightened up the reins on how they decide and carry out load shedding to keep the grid stable and customers happy. There’s also new guidance on how customers can cut back on energy use during load shedding, compliance rules, and even tips on using smart meters to soften the blow of load shedding.

Source: TheSouthAfrican


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