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South Africa

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The South African Lipizzaners, Kyalami, Johannesburg

South African Lipizzaners

The Lipizzaners are a joy to anyone, adult or kid, who are mesmerised by the beauty and dignity of horses and their relationship to us.

This experience is uplifting!

Performances are on Sunday mornings at 10h30 in the Indoor Arena. The performance lasts about 60 minutes without an interval.

After the performance, meet the riders and feed carrots to the stallions – very exciting for the kids.

Enjoy refreshments in the courtyard at Café Capriole while the children play on the jumping castle.

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The South African Lipizzaners riding academy operates according to the classical model in Kyalami, Midrand (Gauteng), South Africa. There is also an affiliated stud farm that provides horses for the academy as well as preserving a valuable genetic outcross pool for European studs.

The roots of the South African Lipizzaners trace to two individuals, both immigrants to South Africa who were each born in Eastern Europe: Horse breeder Count Elemér Janković-Bésán de Pribér-Vuchin of Hungary and horse trainer Major George Iwanowski of Poland.

The late Major George Iwanowski, set up the tradition of classical horsemanship in South Africa on his own. He and Josy Hicks founded Centaur Stables in Johannesburg. This later became the first home of the South African Lipizzaners.

The South African Lipizzaners are an integral part of South Africa’s cultural heritage

In the mid-1950s, George Iwanowski met Colonel Hans Handler, who at the time was second in command at the Spanish Riding School. Handler began to travel to South Africa once a year to help Iwanowski with the planning, the choreography and the training for performances. The first public performances of the South African Lipizzaners was in 1957. There were four riders.

Other than Iwanowski, all riders at the academy are women

South African Lipizzaners

Today, the South African Lipizzaners appear on film and television and at various public performances as well as their regular Sunday morning shows.

The South African Lipizzaners have earned the honour of being the only performing Lipizzaners outside Vienna, recognised by and affiliated to the Spanish Riding School.

Location: 1 Dahlia Road, Kyalami.

Website. Tel: (011) 702-2103 / Office cell number 079 716 4792.

Tickets can be booked through Computicket.

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